Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Slip And Fall Injuries – The Minutes, Days And Weeks After The Incident

Celina Nichols

The minutes following a slip and fall injury are hectic, scary and important. Getting treatment for the injury must take priority, but there are also things that need to be done to protect you in the event that a lawsuit is filed on your behalf to recoup some of the losses that you experience due to the injury. What do you need to do after the injury to protect the case? Here, you will learn just that.

At the Scene

If the injury has already occurred, it's probably advice coming a little late, but knowing what should be done can make you aware should something happen again in the future.

Pictures – take pictures of the scene. Include pictures of the conditions that caused the accident as well as pictures of any individuals watching as things go on. This will help your lawyer create a clear picture of what happened and make it a little easier to track down witnesses for statements.

Incident Report – You need to have an incident written up by management. Request to have a copy made for your own personal records.

Witness Contact Information – If possible, gather the names and phone numbers of anyone that saw the accident. This will save a lot of time and frustration later while you prepare for court.

Obtain Evidence

Evidence will be needed to win any lawsuit. Knowing what you will need will help you avoid missing the opportunity to gather the needed evidence.

Pictures of the Injuries – Show the court what injuries were sustained due to the accident. Include every scratch and bruise.

Clothing – Put the clothing that was worn at the time of the accident in a sealed bag and store it somewhere cool and dry.

Write an Incident Report of Your Own

Write down what happened soon after it happens so that it is fresh in your mind while you do the writing. Include every detail as you remember it including the location of any cameras, what you were doing leading up to the accident and everything that happened after.

Send a Spoliation of Evidence Letter

This letter has more of an impact coming from a lawyer, but you can send one on your own behalf if you plan to represent yourself in court. This letter will make it harder for the negligent party to destroy the evidence that is needed for court. If the evidence is destroyed after the letter is received, the negligent party could face fines and even jail time for contempt of court.

Talk with an experienced slip and fall injury lawyer to learn more about holding the negligent party responsible for their actions or in-actions. He or she will be able to assist you in making the best decisions during the next several months. Talk to an office such as Goebel Law Office for more information.


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