Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Are You Contemplating Legal Action After Slipping Or Tripping In A Parking Lot? Here's What You Should Know

Celina Nichols

Some parking lots have potholes, poor lighting, and other conditions that increase the risk of slipping and tripping. Hence, if you park your vehicle in such an area, the hazards might make you fall when walking. As a result, you might suffer severe harm to different body parts. For example, you could suffer a broken ankle, sprained arm, and other injuries. When this happens, you have a right to sue the parties responsible for maintaining the parking lot. First, however, you need to speak to an attorney to know how to handle the claim and the measures that can enable you to get justice. They will want you to know the following before you proceed with an injury lawsuit.

A State Agent May Be Liable

You can hold different parties accountable for your losses, including a state agency. This may be the case if the parking lot where your accident happened does not belong to a private firm. If this is the case, you must act fast because claims against government corporations have shorter filing deadlines when bringing claims against them. So, you need to contact an attorney right after your accident so that they can start preparing your case immediately. This way, they will have time to investigate your case and gather evidence by the time you need to file a formal suit.

You Can Use Surveillance Footage as Evidence

Claims for injuries caused by slipping or tripping are sometimes challenging to prove, especially if no one witnessed the incident. Luckily, surveillance cameras may capture the incident if it occurred in an area with a security system. In such a case, your attorney can use the surveillance footage as evidence to enable them to show how your accident happened and who the wrongdoer was. However, if they plan to use this evidence, they will have to talk to building owners soon after the accident to request video evidence. Note that if the building owners are unwilling to surrender the evidence, your lawyer will take legal action to compel them to provide it.

Your Injuries Could Be Significant

The injuries you suffer after slipping or tripping could be significant, even if you don't notice them immediately. For this reason, it is advisable to seek medical care immediately after the accident. This will enable your doctor to examine you and offer timely treatment to prevent health complications. You will also get a report of your injuries, which your lawyer can use to prove that they occurred after slipping or tripping.

If you're contemplating legal action after slipping or tripping in a parking lot, you will get useful advice if you talk to a personal injury attorney. Once you do, you will know how to achieve a favorable outcome in your case.

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