Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

  • When Your Workers' Comp Exam Goes Wrong

    If you were approved for workers' compensation benefits, you may be staying home for a bit. At some point, many hurt workers begin to wonder when they can return to work. The decision to go back is based on the status of your injury and is determined, in most cases, by your workers' comp doctor. However, some hurt workers end up being asked to undergo a special exam. The independent medical exam (IME) is meant to evaluate your health status and determine what future benefits, if any, you should receive.

  • Now Not Wearing a Helmet Can Complicate Your Motorcycle Accident Case

    One of the most common injuries caused by a motorcycle accident is a head injury. This is especially true if you were not wearing a helmet during the accident. Some states require that all motorcyclists wear a helmet while other states have made it optional. However, wearing a helmet can always have an effect on your motorcycle accident case. The Severity of the Injury One way that not wearing a helmet can affect your motorcycle accident case is regarding the severity of your head injury.

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Understanding Personal Injury Law

About a year ago, I was left dealing with injuries sustained during a serious car accident. I was worried that I would never be the same, so I decided to start looking into ways to make things right. After thinking about the wreck, I realized that since it wasn't my fault, I shouldn't be left with all of the medical expenses. I decided that I needed to look into things a little further, and I decided to file a personal injury lawsuit. My lawyer helped me to come to grips with the extent of my injuries and helped me to make things right. This blog is all about understanding personal injury lawsuits.