Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Back Injuries: 3 Types Of Services That Can Be Compensated For In A Settlement Agreement

Celina Nichols

Suffering from a back injury can dramatically change your life. Not only may you miss you a lot of time from work, but your ability to perform independent activities may be greatly hindered as well. If someone is liable for your injuries, then you will likely seek a settlement to try and get compensation for your pain and suffering. Along with seeking compensation for wages, an attorney can help you seek reimbursement for a number of different services. Without your back injury, these services may not have been needed and could therefore be covered through your settlement.

Food Delivery Services

An injury to your back can impact your ability to shop and stock your home with a variety of foods. Luckily, there are many grocery stores that participate in food delivery services. These services allow you to shop online, select your items, and have the food delivered directly to your home. The costs for these services may be more than traditional grocery shopping. As your case moves forward, an attorney can showcase price differences and the extra costs that you have invested into the grocery delivery. If your back injury has been extended for numerous months, then these charges can quickly add up and have a large impact on your settlement case.

Moving Services

For people with back injuries, a home or apartment may not be suitable for living with the condition anymore. In these cases, you may have moved to a single-level home. Due to your injury, you may have had to pay for full-service moving professionals. Instead of straining your back or creating more pain, the moving services provides packing, lifting, and transportation of all your items. Extra services may be paid for to set up the items in a new home. If this is the case, then all of these costs can become part of a settlement case. An attorney can help you receive full compensation for all the moving costs that you have endured. Receipts or estimates of future moving needs can be gathered for evidence.

Advanced Physical Therapy

When healing through a back injury, it's common for your health insurance to cover basic physical therapy. If you enjoy playing a variety of sports or other activities, then you may need to go to advanced physical therapy sessions that are not covered by your insurance. Instead of paying out of pocket, the costs for this physical therapy should fall under your settlement case. By going through these advanced sessions, you can return back to your quality of life and play the same sports or activities that you once loved.

If someone is liable for your injuries, then you should not be the one paying for any of these services. An experienced attorney can help represent your case and recoup a number of these costs through your settlement. Contact a firm like Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake LLP for more information about your options.


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