Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Non-Economic Damages You Can Recover After A Car Accident

Celina Nichols

If you have been involved in a serious car crash that resulted in physical and emotional injuries, you can talk to a car accident lawyer about recovering compensation from the at-fault driver. In most cases, you will typically be able to receive economic damages to cover damage to your vehicle and other personal belongings and receive reimbursement of all medical costs incurred after the accident.

However, non-economic damages will typically be the biggest component of your personal injury suit, especially if the accident resulted in serious bodily or emotional trauma. Read on to learn the various types of non-economic damages you can pursue after your car accident.

Pain and suffering 

Pain and suffering basically covers all the physical pain and distress you endured because of the car accident and any resulting injuries and treatment. This basically compensates you for any physical disability, medical bills, the cost of rehabilitation or surgery, and other associated costs that you had to incur while recovering from the physical injuries ensuing from the accident.

The damages can also cover any emotional or mental or emotional anguish caused by the crash, inducing post-traumatic stress disorder, lack of sleep, fear and anxiety or even depression. Damages for pain and suffering are usually calculated by allocating a certain amount of money for each day you suffered physically or emotionally due to the negative impact of the accident.

Your lawyer can come up with a fair compensatory amount for your pain and suffering depending on the severity and duration of your injuries as well as the extent of your medical treatment. 

Loss of consortium/enjoyment

Loss of consortium compensates the spouse of the accident victim for loss of companionship and affection after the accident. The damages can be awarded if a physical ailment or mental disorder resulting from the accident renders your spouse incapable of giving you physical companionship, including a sexual relationship.

Loss of enjoyment can also be included in the list of non-economic damages if the accident robbed you of the ability to enjoy your daily pleasures of life. This may include the lack of the capability to enjoy hobbies such as swimming or dancing due to a physical/mental handicap caused by the crash.

The above punitive damages are often very fact-specific to a particular case, so it is important that you hire an experienced car accident lawyer to build a strong injury lawsuit and demonstrate your suffering sufficiently before a judge to improve your chances of recovering more compensation. 


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