Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

How You Can Optimize Your Potential Personal Injury Compensation

Celina Nichols

If you've been in an auto accident that wasn't your fault and that has resulted in expensive vehicle repair bills, lost work and income, and injuries causing residual pain and suffering, you may be entitled to compensation from the other party. It's likely that you will have to negotiate with the other party's insurance adjuster when filing your personal injury claim, so it's helpful to have an experienced attorney represent you throughout the process. There are a few things to support your lawyer and help optimize your potential personal injury compensation – consider implementing the following ideas:

Take Plenty of Photographs

One of the most effective ways you can support your lawyer throughout your personal injury case is to take lots of photos when possible. Start by going back to the scene of the accident and taking pictures of landmarks, street signs, skid marks and broken vehicle parts on the road, and anything else that will provide some visual insight into the events that took place before, during, and after your accident.

You should also photograph any damage that's been done to your vehicle before having repairs made, and take photos again once the damage has been fixed so they can be compared to one another. Additionally, it's important to take photos of your bodily injuries as soon as possible after the accident--and once a week after that--until you've healed so you can document your progress. Have two copies of each photograph made so you can keep a set and give your attorney the other to keep.

Maintain a Daily Diary

Maintaining a daily progress diary is an excellent way to support your lawyer, as they'll have access to specific insight into how the accident has affected your life overall. Spend a little time every evening documenting the types of medication you've had to take throughout the day, any therapy or doctor's visits you made, and the pain levels you experienced as the day progressed.

Missed work, vehicle repair appointments, and any suffering you experience due to the accident should also be included in your diary whenever possible. Use a notebook to document your daily information and make copies of the newly written pages once a week, then submit them to your lawyer so they can use the information to help build your case and determine what your case might be worth.

These tips and tricks shouldn't be tough to implement, and they can help your lawyer build a solid case that optimizes your chances of receiving fair compensation for your pain and suffering. Contact an attorney like one from Richard Glazer Law Office for more information.


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Understanding Personal Injury Law

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