Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

3 Tips To Contest A Denial For Workers Compensation Benefits

Celina Nichols

Are you shocked that your workers compensation benefits were denied after suffering from an injury at work? If you intend on contesting the denial to get the money that you deserve, there are a few things that can be done to increase your chances of getting approved. In this article, you will find a few helpful tips that should be considered when contesting your workers compensation benefits denial.

1. Gather Additional Evidence

The key to getting approved is to prove that the injury actually happened at work and that you need time off to heal. Look over all of the evidence that you gave the Social Security Administration (SSA) with your initial application. Try to gather additional evidence that your injury that was left out. For instance, if there were witnesses that saw the injury happen at work, ask them to sign a notarized document that has all of the details. If you initially only provided proof that you were treated for an injury, it is in your best interest to ask your physician for a statement that details why the injury likely happened at work. He or she should be able to relate the injury to the type of equipment you were using on the day of the incident.

2. Get a Second Opinion About Your Condition

In an effort to make your case stronger, you might want to get the opinion of a second physician about your condition. A second opinion can be useful for proving that you are indeed injured to the point of being unable to work. The opinion of a second physician will simply verify that what your primary physician said about your condition is true. You can request to be examined by a physician that is appointed by the SSA for even stronger evidence.

3. Seek Assistance from a Lawyer

The best way to get a workers compensation benefits denial overturned is by leaving the task to a lawyer. Rather than guessing on what kind of evidence to turn in when the denial is contested, a lawyer will know exactly what the SSA needs to approve your application. He or she will also speak to vocational experts about your injury and get proof that your type of work can't be performed under such a condition. A lawyer can also help you negotiate a fair settlement price. Speak to a workers compensation lawyer about your need for workers compensation benefits as soon as you can.


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