Understanding Personal Injury Law

Understanding Personal Injury Law

  • How Much Social Security Disability Benefits Can You Expect To Receive On A Monthly Basis

    If you are a disabled person who was injured in an accident that wasn't your fault, and you recently applied for Social Security Disability Insurance, you are probably curious about how much money you may receive each month. Contrary to what you may assume, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is not dependent upon your income or severity of your disability. It is based on your average lifetime earnings before you became disabled. As of April 2016, the average monthly SSDI payment for disabled workers is $1,166.

  • Four Situations In Which You Can Sue Your Employer For Workplace Injury

    Workers' compensation insurance protects companies from getting sued by employees who get injured at work. However, the insurance doesn't offer a blanket protection for employer's liability since there are still situations where you may sue your employer if you are injured at work. Here are four examples of such situations: Battery Apart from pursuing a workers' compensation claim, you can also file a lawsuit against your employer if they beat you up or injure you in a fight.

  • How To Use Your Smartphone To Take Vehicle Damage Pictures At Night

    So many people own smartphones these days, it is the gadget most people use to take pictures of car damage after an accident. Unfortunately, smartphones aren't known for taking excellent pictures at night. Since these pictures strengthen your insurance claim, do your best to make them clear. Here are six tips to that help make such pictures clear: Clean the Lens A dirty camera lens can give you blurry pictures at the best of times, so you shouldn't expect it to give you great pictures in poor lighting.

  • Four Essential Tips For Disputing An Auto Insurance Settlement Offer

    When you make a car accident claim, the insurer can settle it, make you a counter offer or reject it. Expect a counter offer if the insurer believes your damages aren't worth what you are claiming it to be. However, what if you really believe your estimation is the correct one? In that case, you need to dispute the offer from your insurer, which isn't an easy task. Here are four tips to help you with the dispute:

  • Two Things That Can Hurt Your Chances Of Filing A Medical Malpractice Claim

    Lawsuits in general can be challenging to litigate, but medical malpractice claims can be even more difficult to bring to court. Here are two roadblocks you must overcome before you can even file a claim and what you can do to get around them. Showing the Case Has Merit One of the major hurdles you may run into is proving your case has merit. A number of states require litigants to prove there are reasonable grounds the medical professionals acted inappropriately.

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    Understanding Personal Injury Law

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